Gluten Free Cakes and Cookies

Gluten Free Never tasted so good!


Our cakes and cookies are made with our custom mix of several gluten free flours and starch to maximize flavour, fiber, and nutrition. As we custom bake each order, most cakes and most cookies can be made dairy free, egg free, soy free, and are always nut free. Time is also necessary for all cakes. We require a minimum of 72 hours for cake orders, more if more elaborate decorations are required. If you are wanting a wedding cake, no matter how big or small, we require a minimum of 2 months notice. 

  Our gluten free cakes come in these standard sizes: 6" round, 8" round, 12" round, and 9" x 13" rectangle (1/4 slab). Larger cakes can be made if needed, just ask. Call us to order your special occasion cake.

   Our gluten free cookies are great at anytime of the year! We use only gluten free, nut free, dairy free chocolate chips and unsulphured raisins. Many of our ingredients are organic, and/or locally sourced, or at least North American sourced.


*We are not cake decorators but we are enthusiastic! We will try our best to give you the cake you want. 

    **** All cookies displayed have sat out in air tight containers for more than 2 months. They have not dried out, crumbled, or moulded. You can freeze them if you want, but they are shelf stable and do not require it nor is it recommended.****

Gluten Free Cakes:


*** New!** 

   Although not professional cake decorators, we are now offering decorations with fondant/gum paste. We found a reliable source of gluten and nut free fondant but if there is a severe nut allergy, we will not use the gum paste at all! 


   Gluten Free Carrot Cake - A tropical twist on carrot cake! No raisins or nuts (naturally), just pineapple, coconut, spices, and lots of carrots! This moist, flavourful cake can be made completely Vegan without any change in taste.

   Gluten Free Chocolate or Carob Fudge Cake - This rich cake is made with either Dutch processed cocoa or organic carob. It can be made Vegan and is extremely versatile. Whether as cupcakes or dressed up as a special occasion masterpiece, you can't go wrong with this cake.


  Gluten Free French Vanilla - A very tasty mistake that produced a wonderfully vanilla cake flecked with vanilla bean seeds.

​ Gluten Free Vegan Cakes - We can make Vegan Vanilla and Vegan Chocolate Cake as well as the Carrot Cake. Please specify when ordering.

Cookies: Minimum order is one dozen.​​

 Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies - Made with chocolate that only has three ingredients, these cookies will melt in your mouth (and your hand, so eat fast!)

  Gluten Free Trail Mix Cookies - What makes them Trail Mix without nuts? Craisins, raisins, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, coconut, and spices! These cookies will get you down the trail and back!

  Gluten Free ​Ginger Snap Cookies - Crisp, gingery, molasses-ful cookies rolled in sugar, these are a delicious low calorie treat at only 90 calories for three!

​  Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies - Whether you want to hang them on the tree for the family to enjoy before eating or just use them as a snack, there is no beating these traditional holiday cookies. These cookies can come to you naked or decorated. We can also make these almost any shape with all the cookie cutters we have. So if you need just a stack of squares or rectangles or stars to make gingerbread "trees" let us know and we'll see what we can do for you! Gingerbread is seasonal and is only available in November and December.


   Gluten Free Snickerdoodles - Our snickerdoodles taste like an old-fashioned doughnut, just like the ones you would get at a famous doughnut shop. Spices make all the difference. All the taste without the deep frying! ​​