Gluten Free Extras

  Need a Gluten Free Fruit Pie?

 How about a tray or platter of gluten free goodies?

  Every once in a while, you may have a request for a few gluten free goodies at a meeting. Perhaps you need Vegan items for a potluck dinner. Or maybe you just don't feel like baking for the holidays. Not to fear, we have you covered!


   Do you crave pie but don't have the patience to make gluten free pie crust? Tired of making do with crushed cookies as a base for pie? Just call us and let us do it for you!  As with everything we do, our gluten free fruit pies are made with our custom blend of gluten free flour and starches. They are also made with our own fruit in season. This means, for example, we don't make peach pie in winter; only when peaches are ready in our area do we make pie. We cannot ship pies as they will not arrive in the same condition they left our facility.


Gluten Free Pies: 

   Gluten Free Fruit Pies - We always use the fruit that is in season for our gluten free fruit pies. We freeze pumpkin puree and keep apples in the cooler until about April, so call to see what we have available. Available in season: Apricot, Apple, Apple Raisin, Blueberry, Butter Tart, Cherry, Peach, Pumpkin, Saskatoon, Very Berry and Custom.

Fruit Pies come in 8". 

Gluten Free Trays and Platters:

    Whether you are planning for 2 or 100, we can provide you with all the gluten free goodies you require. Just call us and we'll help you plan. Trays and platters are available in a variety of sizes.