Gluten Free Muffins, and Squares

So much tasty Gluten Free Goodness!

   All of our gluten/nut free products are made with our custom blend of gluten free flours. Most of our recipes are old family favourites, from our favourite old cookbooks or developed by us.


 Our muffins can be made dairy free, egg free, and soy free and are always nut free. We don't offer all the flavours we make all year. We use seasonal Okanagan fruit for most of our muffins. So if raspberries aren't in season here, we don't make raspberry muffins. Contact us to find out what is in season.

  The 'squares' we make are really rectangles! 9" x 13" of gluten/nut free goodness! We do offer a cut and wrap service for our commercial customers and this includes individual labeling. Not all of our squares can be made vegan or egg free or sugar free. Sometimes, there is no substitute for eggs or sugar. Contact us to see what can be made egg free, dairy free, and soy free. We are always nut free! 

 Gluten Free Muffins: Minimum order is a half dozen unless the order is custom made (then it's all yours). 

   Gluten Free Fruit Muffins - Contact us to find our what is in season. Some fruit we have fresh frozen (like blueberries or pumpkin) but other fruit is only available in season. We can make them in regular muffin cups or little loaves, the choice is yours.

​   Gluten Free Rum Raisin Rice Bran Muffins - For those of you looking for an extra boost of fiber, this is the muffin for you. Plump unsulphered raisins, spices, Rice Bran, and Jamaican Rum Flavour make this my personal favourite!

Gluten Free Squares:

     Gluten Free Banana Squares - Made as a square, cake, muffins, loaf or mini loaves, this is sure to please. This can be made regular or Vegan but remember to let us know which you need.

   Gluten Free Breakfast Bars - A great meal replacer: Craisins, raisins, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole flax seeds, coconut, and Veganic Sprouted Rice Cereal in a gluten free base. What else could you ask for?

  Gluten Free Brownies - Dutch Processed cocoa makes these a rich, moist, chocolaty mouthful! We can replace the cocoa with carob if needed. We do not ice these, they don't need it!

  Gluten Free Buttertart Squares - The classic Canadian treat on a shortbread crust. What a mouth-watering treat! 

 Gluten Free Quinoa Date Square - A date square with a twist. No oats here, it's quinoa flakes and yummy dates!